Episode - Choose Your Story

Episode - Choose Your Story

Interactive, visual stories, where YOU choose what path your character takes!

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  • Current Version: Varies with device
  • Updated: June 14, 2017
  • Requires Android: Varies with device
  • Installs: 10,000,000 - 50,000,000



Episode lets you LIVE your stories. One choice YOU make can change everything. Or, become a creator and write your own! Mean Girls, Pretty Little Liars, Demi Lovato, and thousands more interactive stories. Choose your #episodelife <3

Wouldn’t it be amazing if YOU were a character in your favorite story? Episode lets you do just that, with over 50,000 gripping stories. In each, create your own character and make choices that matter. From your favorite Hollywood titles like Mean Girls to fan faves such as Bad Boy’s Girl, you’ll binge on Episode for hours.

With all your favorite genres, there’s no time like the present to fall in love, rise to fame, or solve a decade-old mystery. Better yet, join this incredible community and become a creator of your own – writing and publishing stories, amassing lots of fans along the way!

Episode is LIT. Join our #episodesquad for #episodelife.


- CREATE YOUR PERSONAL LOOK and choose your best outfits.
- MAKE FRIENDS WITH THE LIARS and hang out with the coolest clique.
- EXPERIENCE THE SUSPENSE and uncover the mysterious “A”.
- DATE THE HOT GUY and decide your path to romance.


MEAN GIRLS: SENIOR YEAR + SORORITY RUSH. Step inside girl world, right where the Mean Girls movie left off, and navigate the drama and romance. As you battle Regina George, you’ll get to spend time withknow characters from the Mean Girls movie like Cady, Janis, Damian, and of course the Plastics. You will also meet the guy of your dreams, but Regina won't let you get him that easily.

DEMI LOVATO: PATH TO FAME. Star in your very own tour! After winning a spot on Demi’s tour as her opening act, it’s time to embrace your true self and define your dream career. As Demi shares her advice on taking control of destiny, what choices will you make as you become a role model for aspiring stars?

FALLING FOR THE DOLAN TWINS. On your first day in LA, you meet the cutest guy you've ever seen—and then you meet his twin brother. As you get closer and closer to internet stars Ethan and Grayson Dolan, the sparks start to fly... which one will you choose?

HOLLYWOOD DAYS WITH HAYES, featuring internet sensation Hayes Grier. Your choices determine how you rise in the Hollywood ranks. As the lines blur between fantasy and reality, how will you manage? Let's see what you've got! You might even fall in love as your adventure unfolds.

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS and all related characters and elements © & ™ Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. (s17)

TM & ©2017 Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserved.

Supports Tablets!

Please note that Episode is free to play, but you are able to purchase game items with real money. If you want to limit the ability to make in-app purchases, you may create a PIN in the Settings menu from within the Google Play Store.

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  • Episode - Choose Your Story
    Ashifa Sidiq Published date: June 21, 2017

    I reaĺy love this episode game. But the ad pop ups fr last fews days are nt working fr me to further continue my stories. It does happened for almost 4 of my favourite stories. Its so annoying and irritating when the story doesnt show up even when we have passes. Most of my passes were literally wasted trying to get into stories. Please take steps to avoid this asap... i miss my fav stories .. Full Review

  • Episode - Choose Your Story
    Amanda Causevic Published date: June 21, 2017

    I really do like this game. I recommend this to anyone. I do love that now we can just play episodes to earn diamonds, however, instead of 1 diamond at a time, perhaps you could make it 2? It just takes very long to earn diamonds. Now about passes, I love how the time has been reduced to 3 hours but that is still quite long, I dont mind waiting but that is only for 4 passes. If we're gonna wait so long make it like 7 passes or something, or reduce the waiting time. Overall, you should download this game, it is AWESOME! Full Review

  • Episode - Choose Your Story
    Published date: June 21, 2017

    Ads between every chapter make this nearly unplayable. If you pay for passes, there should be no ads. The options are linea and flat with little consequence to them. The prices are far too high for the frequency with which you're promoted to buy things. I find the game freezes and/or the screen goes blank before any ads can play. Making it impossible to actually get to the story. Full Review

  • Episode - Choose Your Story
    Christina Grande Published date: June 21, 2017

    Okay, first of all, the ads drive me crazy. I stopped playing for a year once just because I thought the ads were too annoying. I'm sure that I'm not the only person who thinks that. This year, I downloaded the app again, hoping to start over, and keep my temper. But NO, the ads are still the biggest problem in this app. Episode staff, please shorten these ads or get a larger variety. Also, the Demi stories are kind of boring, no offense. Lastly, the game keeps crashing whenever it asks me to watch the ads. This has happened to all 4 of my favorite stories, and it is so frustrating on 5 different levels. I would appreciate it if you guys fixed the bug. Full Review

  • Episode - Choose Your Story
    Kristina Myers Published date: June 22, 2017

    This company has TERRIBLE customer service. I have been a paying customer for years because I enjoy the actual writers and stories. However, every couple of months, the forced advertisements glitch and steal passes. These are passes I paid for. I have been occasionally refunded and I always show my receipt for recent pass purchases. Today I was informed they would NOT refund me the 7 passes they stole in a row, after they admitted it was a known glitch on their part. The reason the customer service representative gave me was that I had received a small refund in the past (for passes I bought!) I say stay away from this company if this is how they treat paying customers! Unacceptable! Full Review

  • Episode - Choose Your Story
    Mariah Brown Published date: June 21, 2017

    The app uninstalled by itself as soon as I finished the mean girl episode.. I am truly upset about this issue since I have to reinstall the app and start over. Secondly the time to get just three passes is way too long its absurd at least 5 passes should be given for that long wait. I was truly disappointed with the amount of gems needed to unlock an option about 25 and 50 and we only earn one Gem per episode. If that is the case the game should not be a free app if we need to purchase gems to enjoy the game. I truly love this game and it could be better if we got more passes or reduce the time to obtain passes. Please fix these issues as I would love to enjoy the game a lot more... Full Review

  • Episode - Choose Your Story
    Adrianna Fuller Published date: June 21, 2017

    I honestly love the variety of stories that they offer you. It's amazing that you can also write one yourself, so you can be expressive and creative. But now there is this bug where you get to the end of the episode and it freezes. It will not let you continue on to the next chapter of it. This makes it very annoying for people who want to read the next chapter. They need to fix this bug. Full Review

  • Episode - Choose Your Story
    Destiny Simon Published date: June 21, 2017

    I am in love with the new stories. The graphics are flawless and I actually get to customize myself and use my actual name. I mean, it is fun but I give it four stars because you have to use your gems. They don't start you off with enough. And I wish it was easier to create my own story😭 but beside that, I love the game. Full Review

  • Episode - Choose Your Story
    Published date: June 21, 2017

    Please please please fix whatever it is that's causing this app to make pointless ad files on my phone even though I have the storage permissions turned OFF! I have been a fan of Episode since I first discovered it and often play it several times daily because I really do enjoy it. However, I DO NOT like when it creates ad files on my phone when it shouldn't be making any! If I wanted to have ad files on my phone I would go ahead and download them but I don't and I am disappointed that I am even considering uninstalling your app! I understand that you need to have some ads to make the game profitable for you but I do not understand why I need to have ads being saved to my phone. Please fix it and I WILL improve my review! Full Review

  • Episode - Choose Your Story
    Sarah Silva-Sale Published date: June 21, 2017

    The Stories in Episode are great, awesome & interesting. I read 7 or more stories depending on how long the story is. It sucks that only 2 tickets are allowed every 2 hours or more. So I can only read 2 scenes or 2 different stories every 2 hours. It should be 2 tickets for each individual story, and not have to be shared. Change this, and I will give it a 5 star, and better review. Full Review

  • Episode - Choose Your Story
    Nina Dixie Published date: June 21, 2017

    I really enjoy this app! The stories that people make are INCREDIBLE! It's kind of disappointing that you can't make a professional story in the app, but the computer isn't very hard. I don't enjoy how you only get a certain amount of gems and tickets to regenerate because it's never enough for options or to continue the story. Overall though? Definitely recommend Full Review

  • Episode - Choose Your Story
    hamsa priya Published date: June 22, 2017

    Episode started to give me a problem. Before the ads used to play and after that I would get to play the episodes. But now the ads aren't playing and I'm not able to play the episodes. I thought it was only for the featured stories but now it's happening for every single story. I'm not able to play episode. It's very frustrating. Full Review

  • Episode - Choose Your Story
    Denise D Published date: June 20, 2017

    I like the story... but the pure fact that in order to really do good such as outfits, advice, & even getting ANYWHERE in the game, you HAVE to BUY gems and if you wanna keep playing then you have to BUY tickets too if you don't want to wait the nearly 4 hrs, which is ludicrous! You put a game on here stating it's "free", but we all know nothing is free, always a catch! Reaching out to the creators of this game, want better ratings, why can't you give gems the same way you give tickets every 4 hours? Full Review

  • Episode - Choose Your Story
    Rachana Devi Published date: June 21, 2017

    The app is not opening it always says "Our server might be experiencing a temporary issue. If this persists, please check your internet connection and try again in a bit". My internet connection works perfectly and i have closed and opened the app again and again.. it still shows the same message. Please do look into this matter. The stories are great and always leave you on the edge of your seats but i am not able to enjoy the game play as the game itself is not loading. Full Review

  • Episode - Choose Your Story
    Lisha López Published date: June 21, 2017

    I really like it, but I would love to include choices in mobile creator and also sounds. Being able to create more than 20 characters, to change their names or delete them if necessary. Having more backgrounds and being able to choose the backgrounds' size would be nice too. Also, having more outfits would be amazing, as well as more emotions including running and hugging. Please make these available. It wouldn't bother me at all if this replaced the Writer's Portal because the Portal is extremely difficult to work with, and Mobile Creation is precise, fun and easy. Thank you! Full Review

  • Episode - Choose Your Story
    Terri Brown Published date: June 22, 2017

    I absolutely love it, but there are two things I don't approve of. One, when you want a good outcome in the story you have to buy more diamonds. Two, you have to wait decades to get more passes. Other than that, its a great app and I do recommend it. And also, could you make it to where when you want to replay, you only replay the chapter you're on instead of replaying the whole story? Thanks! Full Review

  • Episode - Choose Your Story
    Mirela Aarts Published date: June 22, 2017

    The game is great however it keeps freezing when it plays ads just before starting a new chapter. Sometimes it will freeze for a whole day and switching my phone on and off doesn't help and neither does exiting the app. Please fix this issue. Otherwise it's a great game and the stores are awesome. Full Review

  • Episode - Choose Your Story
    Erin Johnson-pina Published date: June 22, 2017

    Great app. The stories are interesting and choices give it a edge of your seat feel. Only flaws are it takes way to many gems to be able to pick the more exciting choice options and it takes way to long to gain tickets and move on to new chapters. Also, it would be nice to have other ways to get more gems and tickets like watching vids, or doing surveys other than just having to purchase. Full Review

  • Episode - Choose Your Story
    Published date: June 21, 2017

    First of all I love this app so much. It's addicting. The problems I'm having with this app is a bug. It's been happening often. Whenever I finish an episode and move into the next one an ad would usually play but lately a blue screen would just appear and the ad won't show and I just waisted my tickets. The last problem is the ads.Theres too many of them. But overall a really good app.👏 Full Review

  • Episode - Choose Your Story
    Published date: June 21, 2017

    It would be better if you didn't have to pay to get gems. I'd also like it if we were able to choose at least some things to help the gameplay. I really dislike that we have to buy gems a lot and have to earn 1 through every chapter. Give us easier ways to get gems and passes :/ Full Review

  • Episode - Choose Your Story
    Bekki surace Published date: June 21, 2017

    I go to read an episode and it goes to a blank blue screen instead of the advertisement, takes my pass does not let me read the story. It is happening a lot lately. Lost quite a few passes like this. Same problem again. Fix the damn problem. Full Review

  • Episode - Choose Your Story
    Published date: June 19, 2017

    I've already emailed y'all about this, but I can't move on in my game because every time I try, it gives me a blue screen. It will give me the "But first, here are a few words from our sponsors" screen, but then it freezes and won't let me move on. Otherwise, I'd give you more than one star. I've uninstalled and reinstalled several times. It'll be fine for 1 episode of 1 story, and then it won't let me do anything, so I have to uninstall and reinstall. And I keep replaying the same episode over and over and over again. Full Review

  • Episode - Choose Your Story
    Lexicon 30000 Published date: June 20, 2017

    The whole ticket system is a rip off. You have to wait around four hours for just a few tickets. If you wanted to play a whole story through, it would cost you around $10. Totally not worth it, they need to up the number of tickets you get for such a long amount of time Full Review

  • Episode - Choose Your Story
    ItsSimple Published date: June 17, 2017

    I really like this game. It's interesting and fascinating no doubt! Now that we can earn gems, every time I play and earn them and quit the game, my gems ALWAYS subtract by one. It not fair. I'm supposed to have 16 instead I only have 12. Full Review

  • Episode - Choose Your Story
    Published date: June 16, 2017

    This game is really fun and addicting. I love how there are constantly new updates and stories. However, in stories, no matter what you choose, the ending will always be dependent on the last choice. Every other choice really doesn't affect the story truly. Full Review

  • Episode - Choose Your Story
    Mady Wiley Published date: June 21, 2017

    I love this game. My sister says it's weird that I play it but it is a great way to just sit and waste time. One thing I could suggest is maybe we should earn more passes instead of having to wait all day. But anyway, I love it and could play it all day long!!😋😋😋 Full Review

  • Episode - Choose Your Story
    Annellyse Mathison Published date: June 15, 2017

    Ticket recharges take forever. Episodes are way too short for tickets that take 3+ hrs to recharge. I said i was starving, we agreed to go to the Italian restaurant then i have to pay gems to go with him or pass on the trip. Wth? Does that make any sense? Are you all really that money hungry? Full Review

  • Episode - Choose Your Story
    Published date: June 22, 2017

    Since yesterday no 2nd episode of any game will load for me. The ads don't load either nd therefore I can't continue any of my games... Otherwise the game is good. But there is too much use gems options nd less good gem less options. Full Review

  • Episode - Choose Your Story
    kristine M Published date: June 20, 2017

    Having a major problem with the ads comming up and then I can't close them. I have to shut down the program and reopen this has happened 4 times before I know give up. Play this all the time it's a shame how the ads are making it impossible to play... Please fix Full Review

  • Episode - Choose Your Story
    Samantha Andrews Published date: June 21, 2017

    The chapters wont load, just gives a blank screen. Please fix as its frustrating missing the free pass times. The amount of ads between each chapter on some books is ridiculous. 1 is more then enough no need for 3. Also you should win gems and tickets if you read so much or something. Prices for choices also needs to be a lot cheaper. If those are fixed will gladly give a 5 star as I love the idea of the app. Full Review

  • Episode - Choose Your Story
    Stacey Greene Published date: June 15, 2017

    It shouldn't take so long just to get 2 tickets. Other wise I think it would be perfect. They need to give more free days when you read so much! I am addicted! Full Review

  • Episode - Choose Your Story
    Aaliyah lawrence Published date: June 21, 2017

    I think it's great been here with it before it was popular! Before demi before preety little liers! When phoniex was a new story out! And you couldn't customise your characters! It's grown so well! I just wish that when you use create a story on your phone you can put choices in Full Review

  • Episode - Choose Your Story
    Jenny B. Published date: June 20, 2017

    Even though I don't like the way the people look in some(!) stories (kind of blurry, bit like monsters or in a bad dream) I really like the game. Most stories are top! EDIT: after updating the same with me: Just a blue screen where the advert is supposed to come. But nothing. Please do something. Full Review

  • Episode - Choose Your Story
    Priya Martis Published date: June 22, 2017

    I really like this game. I recommend this to everyone. But my problem is that when you're starting a chapter for 1 pass, then I am fine till when it says ' But, first, here is a few words from our sponsors'. When I press it, suddenly every time it gets hanged. What is this???? At last, the story starts. Please people, I really hate to go at that stage. So please, at least skip that, and put some advert/ ad. That would really help me. Overall, I am ADDICTED to this game! Bye, and hope you fix that soon!☺ Full Review

  • Episode - Choose Your Story
    Kellie Corley Published date: June 18, 2017

    This game is a big time teaser. You have to purchase things in order to really progress in the stories. It could be really fun, but the long waiting periods for tickets unmotivates me to continue, along with the astronomical diamond costs for certain storyline decisions. Fun concept but too focused on getting your money. Full Review

  • Episode - Choose Your Story
    Marybeth Griffin Published date: June 20, 2017

    I love the game, one of the best simulation games I have played..... But there is a few problems. My game no matter what I do everytime I go play a story it just shows a blank screen and won't let me click away. Please fix#! Full Review

  • Episode - Choose Your Story
    Intan Salma Published date: June 21, 2017

    When I'm touch to start the reading it didn't work and the page still remain. Please fix this issue., I'm ok with the advertisement coz We read for free but some of the advertisement don't work well like suddenly the apps shut down and some how it using my PASS and i'm unable to read the story. Full Review

  • Episode - Choose Your Story
    ShadowCat 566 Published date: June 15, 2017

    I love this game sooo much. It is so addicting, but in a good way. The only thing I don't like is how I only get 2 passes every 3 hours. 4 stars for episode! Full Review

  • Episode - Choose Your Story
    Stacey Mulholland Published date: June 20, 2017

    This game is really good has good story's and you get to choose what you look like the only down fall of this game is the gems and tickets I've spent well over £30 on tickets and gems to get good things in different story's. Which is rather annoying! Other than that I have enjoyed it and please do something about the advert things! Full Review

  • Episode - Choose Your Story
    Ikiwi Tomic Published date: June 21, 2017

    First of all, game is amazing, interesting stories and many benefits. But there is no point in giving benefits if you can not fix bugs! Its pretty annoying when I can not start the episode cuz screen goes blue cuz the commercial will not load,and it doesn't matter how many times i restard the app, same thing happens. Fix this. Full Review