Google Photos

Google Photos

A smarter gallery by Google, with free unlimited photo and video storage.

Additional Informations
  • Current Version: Varies with device
  • Updated: September 19, 2017
  • Requires Android: Varies with device
  • Installs: 1,000,000,000 - 5,000,000,000



Google Photos is a new photo gallery from Google, made for the way you take photos today. Your photos and videos will be automatically backed up and organized, so you can find and share them faster - and never run out of space on your phone.

Finally, a photos app that's as smart as you.

Back up unlimited photos and videos for free in High Quality. Access them from any device and - your photos are safe, secure, and private to you.

Never worry about running out of space on your phone again. Photos that are safely backed up can be removed from your device's storage in just a tap.

Your photos are now searchable by the people, places and things in them - no tagging required.

Get automatically created movies, collages, animations, panoramas, and more from your photos. Or easily create them yourself.

Use the intuitive and powerful editing tools to enhance your photos and bring them to life. Adjust lighting, contrast, color, and vignette, or pick from 14 innovative photo filters to make your pictures look great in one tap.

Tell better stories, without the work. Automatically get a new album with just your best shots after an event or trip, then invite others to add their photos.

Don't waste data texting and emailing photos. Instantly share photos with any contact, email, or phone number, right from the app.

It's easier than ever to relive your memories. Get collages of photos you took a year ago on this day - perfect for #tbt.

View your photos and videos on your TV with Chromecast support.

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5 5,715,952 
4 1,481,302 
3 508,284 
2 171,340 
1 328,636 

  • Google Photos
    Connor Hearn Published date: September 23, 2017

    I love this app, and the free original quality unlimited photo and video storage with my Pixel (XL). I really enjoy having 15GB of Drive storage on top of this for my other original quality photos, and Drive stuff. Most of the other cloud services only give 5GB, and don't offer unlimited storage for high quality uploads, or original quality with the Pixel phones. If Google could add the option to privately share photos and videos, without a public link, like you can on Drive, then I will love this even more. Thank you! Full Review

  • Google Photos
    Nick Zazu Published date: September 20, 2017

    The best but... There is a glitch when you are uploading photos and you delete one. A percentage meter and an easy way to check (a sign?) if something is uploaded. Also I think video and tags could be improved. +I have a couple videos playing in the shared album and not in my library. Full Review

  • Google Photos
    Jeff Spring Published date: September 20, 2017

    Photos it's all I need to keep my tens of thousands of photos organized. In seconds, I can pull up that photo from 10 years ago. My only complaint is that i can't help with people recognition. It's eerily accurate but sometimes it misses a photo or two. Also it would be nice to be able to tag my pup. Full Review

  • Google Photos
    Karyn Thomas Published date: September 22, 2017

    I love how it backs up your photos, music, ect so you don't lose anything. The only thing that bugs me is when making a movie you can't adjust how fast the clips go and the music is pretty generic. It does have a few okay songs but it could be better. But all in all it's a pretty good app and at times a lifesaver LOL Full Review

  • Google Photos
    Dorothy Johnson Published date: September 21, 2017

    FYI *I don't write Short reviews. RARELY DO I [loi]* know this helps keep All my photos synced to my device. This app stores all my memories, also for any changes to all photos, collage (needs improvement for putting together) While these photos are used I would prefer the collage, then put together in as a video. This is the only thing about the app I Don't approve of. As for Editing them is an issue, also. Otherwise, I do. Could you please have Music available for these. That would be nice. The app could use And needs different styles of music to be offered for these videos. Is there a way to add our own music to them? This fix would be a Huge plus. Also video with so much more! Thank You! I enjoy using it while your improving to Be better. Google photos has many options to choose from with 15 GB FREE storage! I did remove the Old storage. All cleared up. (BTW, I am smarter than the app) 😉 Full Review

  • Google Photos
    G Godfrey Published date: September 23, 2017

    I'd like to use it to share to tv but not sync all photos. So when selecting photos to upload why does it not run in the background? Why does it the so long on a great connection? Are you forcing me to sync all? Need to see clear distinction between photos on Google servers and my device and really importantly which photos on Google are not in folders otherwise management of photos is impossible. Full Review

  • Google Photos
    Published date: September 20, 2017

    I originally loved this app especially the automatic back up. I have been trying to print pictures for weeks and there is no options to from this app. Why is there no way to send pictures to Walgreens or anywhere else? I shouldn't have to jump through hoops to print pictures out. It should be as easy as selecting the pictures I want and sending them off to be printed. I now regret not sticking with Dropbox. Full Review

  • Google Photos
    Sumair Bawa Published date: September 20, 2017

    It's great but there are a few bugs. I have trouble deleting photos from an unsynced folder on my device; they still show up in the folder. The deleted images keep coming back again and again when I'm viewing the ones I still have. The app has frozen up a couple of times as well. Full Review

  • Google Photos
    Jennifer Bruce Published date: September 23, 2017

    Ha ha, not only do I love Google, I love how helpful and useful this app is. I'm still learning it though. The only thing that makes me sad is that I haven't figured out how to keep my saved picture separated from my taken pictures, like my phone normally does. I'm not sure that it does or doesn't do that, but even if it doesn't, it's still pretty great <3 Especially when it helps me clear out my phone when I have little storage space left! Full Review

  • Google Photos
    Christina Adams Published date: September 22, 2017

    I absolutely love this app! I love knowing that my photos are being backed up for my phone because I tend to break my phone a lot. My photos mean everything to me and I'm thankful to know they are safe. I also absolutely love the Google Assistant! Google Assistant puts together a ton of incredible videos, collages,etc and does such a great job at it. I'm not sure if it's computerized but it seems like somebody personally goes in and puts together this entire video collage for you. Google photos helps me track my memories and reminisce. You can't put a price on that. The intelligence of this app just blows my mind and I'm so thankful for it. It helps group things together by location, day, etc and has put together entire trips for me. Such a time saver! I am totally fine sharing the permissions with them knowing that they are putting something together that's incredible for me. I also love how it will give you the option to share certain photos when they recognize people in those photos. It makes it so simple to share with your friends when you have pictures with them. I can't say enough good things about this app. Well done Google, well done! Full Review

  • Google Photos
    Ovidiu GOA Published date: September 19, 2017

    I liked it until i started seeing it's flaws. The most important for me was the way it handles and creates albums. On ios you can create cool looking albums where the pictures are tiled in different ways, where you can insert lives of descriptions between photos etc. This just puts your photos in one album and that's it. No cool photo tiles no nothing. Lame for 2017. Full Review

  • Google Photos
    izzz in moscoww Published date: September 19, 2017

    I LOVE IT SO MUCH!! i can always depend on the app to back up all my photos and videos and even screen shots, and Etc when ever my phone runs out of storage and i love how it shows me photos from certain times years ago and makes mini movies for me photos and videos then giving me the option to save it ahh this app is a life saver for all my little memories♡♡ Full Review

  • Google Photos
    Stacey McCormick Published date: September 22, 2017

    I have had nothing but problems with this app from the start! Right now I've spent hours trying to restore some of my photos back on to my device & only some pics will restore...even though they are on Google Photos, when I download them, a blank icon appears. I have over 1000 pics & have to restore them one by one. And Google Drive won't let me restore or download them back to my device at all! I'm pretty furious because I'm wasting tons of time on this with no help whatsoever. DON'T USE THIS APP! Full Review

  • Google Photos
    Hannah Shear Published date: September 22, 2017

    This app is a joke. My phone reset itself and I lost 2 1/2 years of my photos even though I backed them all up in this app. What's the point of "backing up" your photos if you're just gonna lose them anyway? I would give it 0 stars if I could. Full Review

  • Google Photos
    Nathaniel Anderson Published date: September 22, 2017

    It's a good app, but you can't download an entire album at once. Sharing an album with someone and they need to download each photo individually is pretty annoying. This is an issue when sharing an album and the other person wants to use the photo for anything, such as Instagram. Shared album should be able to download to a device. Full Review

  • Google Photos
    Rommie Royal Published date: September 21, 2017

    Had a frustrating experience...have Photos on both my N 6P and CBook Plus. Used the laptop to create an image...and uploaded it to google photos (via the app). It refreshed in the web version....but I could not get my phone to refresh and show me the photo...I can instantly upload things from my mobile device to the cloud, but how can I refresh my app to show me what's current in the cloud??? Full Review

  • Google Photos
    Daryl Williams Published date: September 22, 2017

    Since everyone tends to have thousands of photo on their various devices, Google Photos is a great option for storing them. If you're like me, you have multiple photos of the same subject, taken under different filters. You may not want to keep all of them, but you don't want to decide right away, so store them on Google photos, free up memory on your device, and deal with them later. Full Review

  • Google Photos
    Sameera Shaakunthala Published date: September 21, 2017

    There's a glitch that some items never upload, so won't be added to albums. Also, when you are in an album there's no 'delete from device' option. Sometimes we prefer keeping some albums on device while keeping some on Google Drive. Also I agree with David's review - "Can't change default view. I prefer folder view because it's more useful to managing my pictures. Constantly harassed into turning on online backup, which I don't use because I like my pictures organized to my preference, not Google's." Totally stupid idea to have all photos shown in the default view, because I can't even safely scroll it down in a public place. Full Review

  • Google Photos
    Joshua Klassen Published date: September 22, 2017

    Needs ability to MOVE photos to albums/hide photos that are in items from the main view. Restore the ability to back up while charging. Allow us to untag detected faces and manually tag our own. Allow us to remove items from the "things" tab. Oh, and add a percentage / time remaining /upload speed to the uploading photos. Full Review

  • Google Photos
    srinivas srinu Published date: September 23, 2017

    Good app with very limited options and not at all customizable. No sort option, cannot make an animation or movie within the folder or album. I don't understand why the photos added to a album or folder are still visible in photos things folder you cannot choose what to show and what not.and more, Overall a nice app with many flaws. Full Review

  • Google Photos
    Richard Lane Published date: September 19, 2017

    Looking at the examples on the play store page (above) there is a search for "dog at the beach" so I thought I'd test the search capabilities of the app. I have more than 100 photos of dogs and I get zero results when I search for "dog" or "dogs". I tried searching for "tree", of which I have many photos, and nothing. Searches for "food" and "park", no hits. Zero. Even though I have many photos of both. Then I searched for "snow" and got lots of hits. It's a pity than none of my many photos of snow were found among the search results, just a bunch of random photos with no snow in any of them. So the search feature is completely useless. "Find your photos faster - no tagging required"? No. I'm afraid not. Why include a search feature if it doesn't do anything? Full Review

  • Google Photos
    Ethan Hollinger Published date: September 21, 2017

    I like this app a lot. But now whenever I use the editor and try to save a photo, it just crashes for no reason. So if it works... It's great! If not... Frustrating. Full Review

  • Google Photos
    David Colvin Published date: September 21, 2017

    Can't change default view. I prefer folder view because it's more useful to managing my pictures. Constantly harassed into turning on online backup, which I don't use because I like my pictures organized to my preference, not Google's. I wish it didn't come bundled on my Nexus. Full Review

  • Google Photos
    Richard D Published date: September 21, 2017

    This app is getting really smart. The only thing I'd tweak would be to be able to correct returned photos on the keyword search. Eg you type bacon and it shows pizza; give us a quick correct option. A data sharing opt in for this would likely be welcomed by the AI team too 😎 Full Review

  • Google Photos
    Adele Zavada Published date: September 21, 2017

    For the most part,it is easy to use. For being the only gallery app loaded on my Google Pixel, it is occasionally lacking. It's hard to open photos to edit if they are not on your camera roll Full Review

  • Google Photos
    carolyn rey Published date: September 22, 2017

    I love this app. I was checking my phone just sec ago and Google photos made a video for me of my daughter from very small to now and it was labeled "they grow up so fast" and it literally brought me to tears. It was so beautiful. Thanks Google! Full Review

  • Google Photos
    kate Published date: September 20, 2017

    the quality of the pictures when you view in the gallery are horrible. the screenshots' texts are blurry and unable to read. have viewed the same pictures in my own gallery, and there are no problems. PLEASE FIX !! Full Review

  • Google Photos
    M S Published date: September 21, 2017

    I work with mobile phones for a living and this app has been a lifesaver in so many situations for my clients. The simplicity and free storage are really nice features. I've found myself using the built in photo editing tool before any others. Full Review

  • Google Photos
    Jonathan C Published date: September 22, 2017

    Great but you difficult when you want to add photo to a existing album if you don't know the date of the last photo in that album. Could be better if there was a search function when you are trying to add a photo to an album. Any way defiantly in my top 10 apps but could easily be my No.1 Full Review

  • Google Photos
    Jon Alder Published date: September 22, 2017

    Missing 5x7 grid view for albums (like in the "photos" tab)? I can't navigate large albums efficiently any more. Edit: should have the option to group albums into folders. Edit: missing ability to export edited slow motion video with SLO MO "ramps" intact Full Review

  • Google Photos
    Sudhakar Ellandula Published date: September 21, 2017

    When organise photos in to albums after create a folder the same photos are still visible in the Photos. Is it possible disappear photos once we moved in to album folders. Hope to get update.. any way I Loved the app and other Google Products.. Full Review

  • Google Photos
    Jonathan Jurcev Published date: September 22, 2017

    The problem with the program is that there is no way to place photos into a secure or private photo that does NOT show up on file sharing or face recognition or anything like that. It NEEDS a folder which, once photos are placed into it, show up ONLY in that folder and nowhere else. The archive does get photos off the main feed but those pics still show up in face grouping or sharing. Full Review

  • Google Photos
    Soumik Das Published date: September 22, 2017

    In my Redmi Note 4, the Google photos app doesn't work properly. When I try setting a photo as the wallpaper, the app shows an error signal that "no apps can perform this action". Please help in sorting out this problem. The native miui gallery app has no issues in this regard. Full Review

  • Google Photos
    Stay Lift3d Published date: September 20, 2017

    Isn't this one of the best photo apps there is? Google Photo's has served me well for years and has backed up my photos from the start and I'm very thankful of that indeed. Works perfectly and couldn't recommend it anymore! Xperia XA1 Ultra Full Review

  • Google Photos
    Published date: September 22, 2017

    I thinks should operate together as well for opening.. remove old updates for increasing space as well as other options;? Not open up in appstore ps. First get rid of auto withdrawn folders to make it possible to choose our own edits. So why need SYNC backed up space in Android DHCP;? Full Review

  • Google Photos
    Daniel moreno Published date: September 21, 2017

    Pics are already backed up on Google drive take the actual data off the phone and just have it reach back if I was to access the app and display. The whole "sharing" thing is really annoying when your friends and family don't have a Google phone. When I send a pic in a message and it displays a link to the recipient to access/view the photo causes alot of issues... I'd rather the have to photo appear in their messages like it's always done before. Full Review

  • Google Photos
    Amrita Dey Published date: September 21, 2017

    Needs lot of improvement in terms of UI. There should be provision to view all photos together. Moreover, all albums can be organised in a grid view, for faster access. Sliding through lot of albums makes it difficult to browse, when you have lot of albums/folders. Full Review

  • Google Photos
    David Cameron Published date: September 20, 2017

    The second best feature was removed! I like the app and especially the unlimited photo storage, but I really wish I could set it to only upload pictures while charging. As it is, it kills the battery when I take pictures. Had to subtract 4 stars for the shortcoming, Google. The ball is in your court! Full Review

  • Google Photos
    Chrissy Vaise Published date: September 22, 2017

    I love this app there is just an unlimited amount of things you can do and that it does for you. From recommendations to organization it even makes animation out of pictures you took. It's a must have for any one who likes taking pictures! Full Review

  • Google Photos
    Martin Duyu Published date: September 23, 2017

    It's a wonderful app. My photo's quality has remained the same. Thumbs up! Please help me find my videos. I am unable to retrieve them from the app neither are they on my phone. Full Review

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