Netflix is the leading subscription service for watching TV episodes and movies.

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  • Current Version: Varies with device
  • Updated: July 12, 2017
  • Requires Android: Varies with device
  • Installs: 100,000,000 - 500,000,000



Netflix is the world’s leading subscription service for watching TV episodes and movies on your phone. This Netflix mobile application delivers the best experience anywhere, anytime.

Get the free app as a part of your Netflix membership and you can instantly watch thousands of TV episodes & movies on your phone.

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How does Netflix work?
• Netflix membership gives you access to unlimited TV shows and movies for one low monthly price.
• With the Netflix app you can instantly watch as many TV episodes & movies as you want, as often as you want, anytime you want.
• You can Browse a growing selection of thousands of titles, and new episodes that are added regularly.
• Search for titles and watch immediately on your phone or on an ever expanding list of supported devices.
• Rate your favorite shows and movies and tell us what you like so Netflix can help suggest the best titles for you.
• Start watching on one device, and resume watching on another. Check out for all the TVs, game consoles, tablets, phones, Blu-ray players and set top boxes on which you can watch Netflix.

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4 567,534 
3 212,817 
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1 269,462 

  • Netflix
    Darian Stevens Published date: July 13, 2017

    Awesome. Wish it would update with brand new shows faster. I'm a family guy fanatic and I was excited when they added 10-12 but that took 3 years... we're investing money into you... and a lot of it. Why can't you get shows out faster? Other than that it's awesome, love the netflix originals, huge selection (could use some more popular movies though), and it streams incredibly fast. Full Review

  • Netflix
    Joshua Keys Published date: July 20, 2017

    The app is awesome.. off late the subtitles on my smart TV disappeared and never show up again. When called up the customer care, they have nothing to say. Can this be fixed, when checked online, I could see many across the world are facing this subtitle issues. Can this be fixed by any chance?? Can we get back the sub titles?? If they are back again will give the 5 stars again. The subs works fine when watched k. My phone and doesn't show up on my smart TV. Another point is when I try to update the Netflix app on my smart TV i get a message that the update is not compatible with the TV .. Full Review

  • Netflix
    Rahul par Published date: July 14, 2017

    Quality of videos are not good, I connected it with my ps3, getting only 420p.. I am paying 650 rs which should include good HD quality. Even in my Sony xperia z3 after downloading the episodes it give only 420p quality. if it's a reason of slow Internet that I can understand but after downloading it still give 420p quality. Work on it plz no more recharge from my end. Better I download good quality from other sources. Full Review

  • Netflix
    David Milton Published date: July 12, 2017

    Finally a site that's worth paying for. All other sites have, at best, ten or less programs that are worth watching. You pay, then a week later, there's nothing good to watch. Ive had netflix fir about 5 months now, and am nowhere near halfway through all the stuff I already want to watch. Let alone all the stuff I know nothing about yet. And the Original Programs are too knotch. Keep up the good work. MAHALO NUI LOA, ALOHA, MALAMA PONO Full Review

  • Netflix
    jessica green Published date: July 14, 2017

    Netfllix in new Zealand sucks there are. Hardly any new or popular movies and when there was u soon hot riid of them like. The harry potter series and anything marvel for people under the age of 16. And you have a lot of sequels but not the first movie of the series. Yet I go to Australia and they have finding dory and deadpool and we don't even have cas from 11 yeas ago. People u need to get it together your one of the only places u can watch movies anymore unless u use DVDs and people are. Paying good money to use your app u need better variety. Full Review

  • Netflix
    Daniely Flores Published date: July 16, 2017

    There is a bug between profiles. For example, the language settings from ProfileA are shown in ProfileB, also the series from ProfileA is watching. 👎 Sometimes when already watched an episode the app it doesn't recognize it and in the moment to resume another episode the app reproduce the other episode That I already watched. The automatic reproduction in Black Mirror starts from third season. Good quality in Ultra HD 👍 Full Review

  • Netflix
    HaileyWilson Roblox&More Published date: July 18, 2017

    I love this app. It lets me access my favorite movies, and shows! BUT it's really needs a update. They need to update the shows, etc but they haven't. There's new season of shows, AND NEW MOVIES! But still no update 😥. Please update this! I want to watch the second season of Attack on Titan, it's already out. So please Netflix do this and I'll give it 5 stars 💖! Thanks. Full Review

  • Netflix
    Sayak Nag Published date: July 18, 2017

    The app keeps on hanging and the video never plays. There's no issue with the network as i can watch videos on the browser from the same Android device, but the app doesn't work properly. I've tried clearing cache, data, force stopping it and even reinstalling it. Same behaviour. Please do something about it!!! Full Review

  • Netflix
    Lorna D Published date: July 16, 2017

    Once agian i have to unintsall this app. Good god leave things alone. What have you done go this app I can no longer play anything because it tells me too many people logged into my account. Well if they are you let them onto it without my knowledge Full Review

  • Netflix
    Robin Thomas Published date: July 20, 2017

    Since the last android update I've not been able to stream or watch downloaded videos. Called the helpdesk and they said they couldn't do anything and try using a different device. That would be great if I had one. When are you going to fix it so we can use the app again? Full Review

  • Netflix
    Cecilia Ramirez Published date: July 14, 2017

    I love it!! I never watch live TV anymore! My shows are always there for me to watch when I have time. Only thing I wish they did is add more older movies, specially for kids. I have searched many times for a title and it only gives me second or third part not all and there's not as many comedies as I hoped for but none the less I love the app! Full Review

  • Netflix
    Andrea Majda Published date: July 13, 2017

    The new thumb rating system ruined it. I used to love Netflix because the old 5 star rating system made Netflix recommend all kinds of wonderful shows to me. But now Netflix has switched to a thumbs up/down system. So it's gotten much worse at personalizing recommendations. It's mostly recommending Netflix's own shows which I don't even like! Amazon Prime is a better bang for your buck now that Netflix screwed up their rating/recommendation system. I cancelled my Netflix sub since I had Prime for its non-streaming perks already. Full Review

  • Netflix
    ajith george Published date: July 14, 2017

    I think content vise this is the best app...but I think it is overpriced in India... Amazon prime in charging only 500 per year which includes other services too..I know it doesn't have the content but 500 per month for one Device is overpriced... I'm using 650 plan by the way... Netflix can get more subscribers if it can keep the pricing between 150- 400 per month... I've no complaints about the is the best...but please rethink on the price and allow the middle class like me can enjoy this awesome experience...I cannot afford 500 every month on this app itself..we also need to pay the internet charges Full Review

  • Netflix
    Donna Holland Published date: July 17, 2017

    For the last 4 weeks I have received an error code phone upgraded after this error code started. I called customer service and was only told they are working on it. That was 3 weeks ago, and called again today to hear the same thing. This is not a new problem, so why isn't it fixed? Full Review

  • Netflix
    Esbjörn Stenberg Published date: July 19, 2017

    The app's UI looks great and there are plenty of good movies and series here, but I can't watch them on my galaxy s6. I just get the error 5.2 whenever I try to watch anything making the app completely useless. Other than that the app is worth five stars! Full Review

  • Netflix
    chiel gubbens Published date: July 15, 2017

    It was nice but since the last update i cant watch on any samsung phone, i get error 5.2 for the 6th day in a row, so i cant watch netflix for almost a week now. Netflix, pls fix it or compensate one way or the other, this just plain sucks donkey b***s. Full Review

  • Netflix
    michael smith Published date: July 13, 2017

    Please add more seasons to shows when they come out and add more old kid shows ex. ( drake and josh, chowder, foster's home for imaginary friends, ed edd & eddy, the misadventures of flapjack, total drama island, 6teen, hole in the wall, zoey 101, xaolin chronicles, etc. ) these were just examples can you guys add some old cancelled shows from Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Disney Channel Full Review

  • Netflix
    Im an idiot so just ignore the following Published date: July 16, 2017

    The latest update messed up the rating system really bad. The 5 star system from before was perfect, I could tell if a movie was just ok (had 3 stars) or if it's a great movie because it had 5 stars. Now it's a thumbs up and thumbs down rating which sucks because I really can't tell if it's a great movie or just an ok movie. I wanna watch the best movies first (5 stars) and eventually get around to the just ok movies (3 stars) but I can't do that with this new rating system. Netflix fix this issue and I'll give you 5 stars again but until then I'll just give you a thumb down 👎 since that's how you roll now. Full Review

  • Netflix
    Heaven Geishert Published date: July 14, 2017

    Ever since the new update every time I go to watch a movie or show it will let me for about 5 - 10 minutes before it crashes. If this could be fixed soon that would be great and I will gave you 5 stars again because I really love this app. Full Review

  • Netflix
    Michelle Bevins Published date: July 17, 2017

    Thd app would be great if it worked on a Samsung phone. Our phones are the device we use to veiw Netflix 90% of the time and since the new phone update we are unable to use the app on our phones!! I am highly disappointed and ready to cancel my service. There should have been a fix by now!! Full Review

  • Netflix
    judocowgirl Published date: July 13, 2017

    Netflix is great, but the app has a major flaw. More and more often when I try to start watching it gets stuck on the loading screen. Sometimes it eventually gives me an error screen but more often it just stays there and I'm having to resort to uninstalling and reinstalling the app to get it going again. Full Review

  • Netflix
    Victoria van Bokhoven Published date: July 20, 2017

    I LOVED this app. So superior too any other streaming app available in NZ. Unfortunately since my Samsung upgraded to Nougat the app no longer plays video and I get the 5.2 error. A bit of digging has revealed that there is a fix for rooted phones but not for unrooted ones. Not sure if I should be grumpy with Netflix or Samsung (I suspect the latter). Hoping for a fix soon. Full Review

  • Netflix
    Miranda Francis Published date: July 17, 2017

    Love the app, though only having so many gigs I have to find wifi and download what I want usually. I'd love it if we could download more than three shows at a time! A problem that I have experienced is the shows skipping. I'll get like 9 or so minutes into something and the movie will just stop playing but the talking continues. I have my mobile data off, so its not like its trying to play online. Will rate 5 stars when these things are fixed 👌 Full Review

  • Netflix
    Jenny Schneider Published date: July 14, 2017

    Since I updated my android software of my samsung s6 edge, netflix isn't working anymore. It's just showing me an error message 5.2! Can you please fix it? If so, I will rate 5 stars again because I really like Netflix. Full Review

  • Netflix
    Graham Stewart Published date: July 19, 2017

    App will not open anymore. I keep getting error codes telling me to either restart the app or my phone, neither of which help fix the problem. I can't press the help button or attempt to relog on. Totally useless. Please fix NOW! Full Review

  • Netflix
    Will Wiliams Published date: July 20, 2017

    This app used to work. It works on all my other devices but I recently updated to 7.0 Nougat and now it won't play videos and says error 5.2, that error is for rooted devices, my phone isn't rooted and I have seen other people with the same bug on 7.0. FIX YOUR APP! Full Review

  • Netflix
    huevito Published date: July 19, 2017

    First time I have ever had an issue with playing a video on Netflix... it seems the issue started after Samsung's new update to note 5. Husband runs latest version of Netflix on galaxy4 n daughter on note3, both of their phones have no issues playing videos on Netflix.... Please fix! Full Review

  • Netflix
    Aidan Cowley Published date: July 13, 2017

    I have been with Netflix for a good nearly a year now. But for some strange reason it doesn't play videos on my Samsung s6 please fix. I have had this app for a while now and it's still not fixed I used to love watching Netflix on a bus journey but now I can't for whatever reason still. . . PLEASE PLEASE FIX! Full Review

  • Netflix
    Lucille T Published date: July 19, 2017

    I have been having problems watching any videos since the samsung update (end of june), error 5.2. Since then, impossible to watch anything on my phone... and nowhere to find a solution. Reason why I only put 3 stars ... Otherwise, the app was great before. Good movies and tv showd :) Full Review

  • Netflix
    Michael Donegan Published date: July 16, 2017

    The video on my app keeps freezing. Watching Rick and Morty the picture freezes while the audio works please fix really annoying. If fixed will give 5 stars Full Review

  • Netflix
    Miss Beauty Addicted Published date: July 18, 2017

    Im just so mad im paying £7.50 a month for an app i cant access. Every time i go to watch a program im told it cant be played error 5.2 ive cleared data cleared cache ive un installed and re installed ive turnt my samsung s6 off and on again now i dont know what to do and im just over it when it works i love this app its amazing but how can i rate it with a high rating when i cant enjoy it please someone give me some advice please. Im not good at this stuff Full Review

  • Netflix
    Sarah Margetts Published date: July 20, 2017

    I keep getting error 5.2 since recent samsung update and none of the Netflix fixes work, this app would have had 5 stars before. This error has been going on for weeks and I cant believe that Netflix cant fix it, Im debating cancelling my subscription over it, please sort it!!! Full Review

  • Netflix
    Skye Hernandez Published date: July 16, 2017

    Was amazing until the update. Ever since it updated I can only watch for about 10 seconds before the screen messes up. The video gets stuck on two seconds while in a corner the real video continues playing. Full Review

  • Netflix
    Herman Soruco Published date: July 19, 2017

    The content may be awesome but the app just doesn't work, I have the latest version of Android and the app says it's not compatible with my phone! And wants me to download an older and uglier version! How disappointing! I don't pay 10 dollars a month to receive such a bad app! Full Review

  • Netflix
    Gilberto Santos. Published date: July 13, 2017

    Guys, congrats on your great idea. Netflix is really useful, however, some improvements could be made. For instance, you could create a lock screen button. Sometimes we touch the screen unwillingly and we close the program or something alike. Another issue I'm having is with the restricted content. Sometimes I don't have connection or it's really bad and that prevents me from watching the videos and I get really frustrated! Full Review

  • Netflix
    Douglas Smith Published date: July 14, 2017

    Poor support for Chromecast. Netflix used to have the greatest support for Chromecast. They put Google to shame. YouTube would constantly disconnect, but Netflix never had a problem. You could take a nap and it would still be connected, ready to play. Now it glitches out after 2 minutes. I just had to restart my phone to get rid of a now playing notification when I wasn't even connected. It was still preventing me from connecting YouTube to my TV. Full Review

  • Netflix
    Marc-Olivier O'Bomsawin Published date: July 15, 2017

    App keeps bugging and kicking me out mid episodes. I have to reset app like 3 times to watch a simple episode. This is getting a pain in the ass Full Review

  • Netflix
    Melissa Muse Published date: July 15, 2017

    I don't appreciate the picture displayed associated with the show Netflix sponsors: Gracie and Frankie. Really? A sex toy? How crude and awful. I demand that be removed from showing on my list. Full Review

  • Netflix
    Eddie Xander Published date: July 13, 2017

    Before the new update i could watch my shows without any problems, now whenever I play any episode of a show, it proceeds to inform me that there was an error, and it could not ve played. I will give 5 stars once this problem is resolved (the error code is 2.102). Full Review

  • Netflix
    Pee Bee Bee Published date: July 16, 2017

    Volume is extremely too low when using Bluetooth or headphone Jack (no it is not a device issue). Other apps don't have this problem Video quality doesn't seem to be that great, wish i could change quality to save on data when needed Full Review