Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car)

Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car)

Measure BHP, Torque & 0-60Clear car OBD faultsView engine data in Google Earth

Additional Informations
  • Current Version: 1.8.158
  • Updated: May 23, 2017
  • Requires Android: 2.0 and up
  • Installs: 1,000,000 - 5,000,000



See what your car is doing in realtime, get OBD fault codes, car performance, sensor data and more!

Torque is a vehicle / car performance / diagnostics tool and scanner that uses an OBD II Bluetooth adapter to connect to your OBD2 engine management / ECU

Layout your own dashboard with the widgets / gauges you want!

It can use the GPS to provide tracker logs with OBD engine logging so you can see what you were doing at any point in time

It can also show and reset a DTC / CEL / fault code like a scantool. Helps you fix your car and helps keep repair costs down!

Torque also features:

* Dyno / Dynomometer and Horsepower/HP & Torque
* Can read Transmission Temperatures (vehicle dependant)
* 0-60 speed timings - more accurate than just using plain old GPS - see how fast your car is (or truck )
* CO2 emissions readout
* Customisable dashboard & profiles
* Video your journey using the Track Recorder plugin with onscreen OBDII data overlay - a black box for your car/truck!
* Automatically send GPS tagged tweets directly to twitter (for example if you are going on a road trip)
* Massive fault code database for lookup of fault codes from different manufacturers
* Theme support (choose from different themes to change the look of your dashboard)
* Send logging information to web or email CSV/KML for analysis via excel / openoffice reader
* Heads up display / HUD mode for night time driving
* Compass (GPS Based) that won't suffer magnetic interference
* GPS Speedometer/Tracking and realtime web upload capability - see what you were doing and your engine, at a point in time
* Turbo boost feature for vehicles that support MAP and MAF sensors (VW & Golf / Audi / Seat etc supported)
* Alarms and warnings (for example if your coolant temperature goes over 120C whilst driving) with voice/speech overlay
* Car dock support
* Graph data
* Able to share screenshots to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Email, etc
* AIDL API for third party apps, A simple Telnet interface for developers to talk to the adapter, and an OBD scanner.
* Works on tablet devices like the Motorola Xoom, Dell Streak, Samsung Galaxy Tab and Nook

Works on any vehicle that uses the OBD 2 standard (most vehicles built after 2000, but can work for vehicles as far back as 1996) if in doubt check with your manufacturer first or look for 'OBD2' on written on a big white label in your engine bay

Works on vehicles made by Ford, VW, GM/Vauxhall/Opel, Chrysler, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Audi, Jaguar, Citroen, Peugoet, Skoda, Kia, Mazda, Lexus, Subaru, Renault, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Honda, Hyundai, BMW, Toyota, Seat, Dodge, Jeep, Pontiac and many more vehicle makes, European, US, Far East, etc. Some vehicle ECUs may support more/less features than others

The app needs a Bluetooth OBD2 adapter to work. The adapter is small and plugs into the diagnostics socket on the car which gives your phone access. You can find a list of adapters on: (Garmin EcoRoute HD adapters not supported)

If you buy one of the cheap china OBD2 ELM327 bluetooth adapters from ebay / amazon, then make sure you have a good returns policy with the seller

Some of the best reliable OBD2 / OBD adapters are the adapter, the OBDKey, and PLX Devices, OBDLink, Bluetooth, ELM327 and other adapters are supported - search on google for them

More features added every release - there are forums at - if you want something added then let me know and I'll try to add it if it is possible! Vehicle ECUs vary in the amount of sensors supported

*PLEASE NOTE* Any reports of hanging or reboots after quitting the app is due to a bug in HTC devices and Galaxy Tab,this can be triggered by using the Pandora/Vlingo/Other BT apps. Disabling Pandoras new bluetooth settings fixes the problem, but HTC/Samsung need to release a fix.Please contact their support and request a fix,Thanks!



49,701 total
5 36,349 
4 7,810 
3 2,224 
2 1,068 
1 2,250 

  • Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car)
    Jordan Greer Published date: July 23, 2017

    The only problem I have with the app is the scaling on my s7. It would be perfect if two medium-sized displays would fit side-by-side without overlapping or hanging into the next page of displays. Also, the small displays should be scaled in such a way that three of them would be the exact height of two medium displays. So if medium displays is 6 units tall, the small would be 4 units tall. Then two medium would 12 units tall and 3 smalls would also be 12. These things would make for a huge improvement in appearance in my opinion. This may be different for tablets,other phones or Android based head units so please let me know if this is the case. I'll be switching over to running torque on an Android head unit pretty much 100% of my time driving so let me know. Thanks. Full Review

  • Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car)
    Jeremiah Maddy Published date: July 17, 2017

    It doesn't matter if you're a backyard mechanic or a professional, this app is indispensable. Paired with the $25 dongle, this app outperforms a $300 tool, making it accessible to everyone. This is the best tool I've got in my toolbox, bar none. Living in Japan, it would be amazing if this could get JOBD support... I'd definitely pay to unlock it, hell, at this point I'd be happy handing over $50-$100 to be able to read my car here like I could in the states! Full Review

  • Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car)
    Matt Phillips Published date: August 1, 2017

    Really great app with TONS of sensor readings. I guess my only beef is gauges on inactive pages don't register min/max unless the page is active. I'm being picky there. Paired with the track recorder, this is a must have for car guys. Fault checking is pretty great too. Pulls up links to your codes automatically. Full Review

  • Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car)
    Alex Kelly Published date: June 3, 2017

    Very disappointed. I have used the lite version with no problems on my 2007 BMW. When I updated to the pro version I had major problems. The software reset my dashboard date and time and the trip counter. Next time I drove the car it reported a battery discharge fault. I had to revert to the lite version to remove this phantom error. I dare not use this software again in case it changes something more critical. Full Review

  • Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car)
    Jason Dinh Published date: May 23, 2017

    I should of got this sooner. Makes troubleshooting super easy. I can even logged my driving trips 2 review whats my car is doing. gps track it. 2 much 2 describe. It not Honda specific, but it still provide good data on the car. Save times from taking aparts uneccesary component. Provide proof of defects to get the warranty, pic speak louder than words. U can also review or send logs to them. 4get Autozone scanner. This work ridiculously better. Full Review

  • Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car)
    Bill Laumann Published date: July 4, 2017

    Awesome app, very simple to set up what gauges and information you want. Horsepower gauge seems off a little bit compared to real Dyno numbers but that's to be expected. Only beef I have is minor, every time I try to access themes for different gauge styles, it doesn't work, says my internet connection is not working, with WiFi or 4g. Only app I've spent money on, would definitely recommend. Full Review

  • Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car)
    Randall B Published date: May 24, 2017

    Love the app and worth the money... would like to see abs added with auto brake bleed and ecu relearn like idle air controll relearn ect. Buttons to make processes easier for people that hate doing it the hard way. But love the app.. Full Review

  • Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car)
    Samuel Curnutte Published date: May 31, 2017

    Fantastic app. It does everything I need of it and more. Can't count how many times it's saved me from having to take my car to the dealer, just to find out a wire was loose somewhere. The app even plays nice with the crappy cheap adapters I use with no problems. Full Review

  • Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car)
    Isaiah Stebbins Published date: June 24, 2017

    I gotta say that this app helped me save quite a bundle thus far. I had an old 97' F-150, and an 03' Windstar that were giving me hell lately, so I plugged in the OBDII sensor and bam, just like that it told me what was wrong and where it was wrong (with a little research though). If you're into cars, this is a must have. If you love having information piped to you at all times, this is also a must have. Best Car App ever! Full Review

  • Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car)
    Ira Lambert Published date: July 20, 2017

    I have been using the pro version for a long time now. Every so often I have trouble connecting to my Bluetooth reader. To get the app and the reader to connect again I have to repair the reader to the phone. I know itis not an issue with the reader because I also use another code reading app as well. Full Review

  • Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car)
    Pywaket Pilot Published date: August 4, 2017

    Been using this for years pretty much since it came out. It just keeps getting better and better. I wish there was a Raspberry Pi version so I can have multiwindow support but otherwise absolutely perfect. Full Review

  • Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car)
    Luke C Published date: July 25, 2017

    Great app, well worth the purchase. My tire pressure sensor went off today and i cant figure out how to read the code to see which one. Scanning fault codes returns no errors. Any ideas on how to check this? Full Review

  • Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car)
    Published date: August 14, 2017

    App tells me there aren't any errors on my BMW E60, when clearly there are. Another App picked up the errors using the same dongle. I guess for $7 you can see a pretty digital guages of your RPMs Full Review

  • Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car)
    Published date: July 20, 2017

    I was almost going to purchase a high dollar scanner to monitor the same PID's while driving that this thing can do. I was able to get it to work on a '96 powerstroke and monitor ICP, IPR, MAP, Injector pulse width, trans temp for the E4OD and lots of other actual useful info! Its helped a ton to diagnosis my problem I had. I wish I got it sooner!! Full Review

  • Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car)
    Heath Purser Published date: May 23, 2017

    I had the Lite version before buying the Pro and I had no issues at all with it. The Pro though, makes my fuel guage drop all the way to empty and my fuel alarm dings, then it jumps back up to normal. There is no specific action by me, but once I unplugged it.. it stopped. It really sucks cuz I love this app and all of its features. Using the BAFX 34t5 w/ 2003 Ram 1500 Off Road Edition with the 5.7 Hemi. Update: still causing my fuel gauge to act erratically. Any fix for this?! Also, app works beautifully on our 2017 Jetta TSI. Full Review

  • Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car)
    Darren Lomax Published date: August 1, 2017

    When I first bought this app is was superb. Used it a lot. Then for some reason it stopping reporting Bhp, Torque, Inst mpg etc. I checked settings, reinstalled app but it still doesn't work but other apps do. No responce from developer. Full Review

  • Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car)
    Swaglife 81 Published date: July 1, 2017

    Function over form on this app. Pro is worth it. The only downfall is the UI is really outdated looking. Themes can only do so much. It is the best obd car app there is but definitely isn't pretty Full Review

  • Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car)
    Mark Schafer Published date: June 8, 2017

    The Lite version worked great, but Pro version kept losing connection & really drained my phone battery down quickly. It is a nice app & maybe it's just me having problems with it. Full Review

  • Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car)
    mdazuddin Published date: July 22, 2017

    Accuracy is very bad, while I am cruising at around constant 140kmph, hiwever on the app widget it shows as 132-133 kmph. Not sure if the other widgets are also accurate or not Please try to lookin to it Full Review

  • Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car)
    Paul Taylor Published date: May 25, 2017

    Very good app as used on all my old car but it cant read my 2002 1.8 tdci can you please update to be able to read these cars its reads my hdi just not my current car please update as i have paid version of this app and will rate 5 stare as never had and any faults with this app untill now Still cant read my 1.8tdci focus and it cant read my 99 1.8tdci focus but reads my other 3 cars fine Full Review

  • Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car)
    Michelle Kelly-Louw Published date: July 17, 2017

    Some functions like the oil temperature just stopped working. On several cars with several different devices. No reply by email Full Review

  • Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car)
    James Tunningley Published date: June 19, 2017

    This app is perfect for tuners. It lets you make sure everything is working correctly. You can do things like monitor IATs, boost/vacuum, waste gate, even turbine speed. Full Review

  • Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car)
    Daniel Nemes Published date: May 27, 2017

    Where do you go to access the data logs? I want to see what my car was doing when I've finally pulled over, instead of trying to watch it while driving... Fun fact, it's dangerous to not pay attention to the road while driving Full Review

  • Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car)
    SyeShaz Plus2 Published date: June 12, 2017

    Would get 5 *'s if the app could see Vauxhall errors. ABS error light that should throw up a code but the app can't see any faults logged in ecu . But it is great for seeing readings. Full Review

  • Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car)
    Ali Ibrahim Published date: August 8, 2017

    App has not been updated in over 10 weeks. Fault code reader never works along with other things. Feel like I've wasted money on this Full Review

  • Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car)
    Matthew Santiago Published date: June 11, 2017

    I truly love this app. So convenient with diagnosis. But to be honest would be nice to see an update version. Change it up a bit with style and background. I'm still gonna use this regardless, but would be nice to see a new look. Full Review

  • Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car)
    Jay J Published date: August 2, 2017

    When using a usb adaptor I get an infinite loop message pop-up saying "No devices paired, please pair one in your phone's Bluetooth settings." it only starts this loop once I click on the settings button. Everything still works fine via my usb adaptor but the continuous error pop ups are enough to drive me insane. It seems like your app is always expecting Bluetooth even though I have told it to use usb. If you would like any more details or for me to try something, let me know. Full Review

  • Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car)
    Ashley Brydges Published date: May 28, 2017

    So I took the ZS 2.0 TD out for a blast to test the reader/app. Bearing in mind its the 115 with SDI injectors, decat, boost increase (physical boost gauge showing 21Psi)...... Why was my maximum Bhp 91.2, and my max torque 181 and boost only showing 17.5?? Am I doing something wrong? Is it the reader/app? And the car is fine btw. It pulls exactly like you would expect a car that's producing around 130-140bhp with all the mods. Oh, and regarding the max bhp, I took the car right up to the redline with foot nailed to the floor in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and still the app showed a max of 91.2?? Full Review

  • Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car)
    Lee Clayton Scharger Published date: July 18, 2017

    The trip info resets when you shut the app off or take your phone out of your car, so unless you want to know how much fuel you burn on the way to the store it's not much use for fuel tracking Full Review

  • Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car)
    Paul Mackenzie Published date: May 27, 2017

    Great app but does freeze up from time to time. Also would be good if it included all the functions for toyota vehicles. But overall, very happy with the app. Full Review

  • Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car)
    Vhusiumuzi Mataga Published date: June 7, 2017

    Useless, i had errors displayed on my dash, vw jetta 1.9tdi 2002( neddle lift sensor ) and it couldn't pick it, kept saying no errors found, yet the warning light was flashing on the dash.. very very useless Full Review

  • Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car)
    Christian Gentry Published date: August 9, 2017

    Its good for dumping error codes and monitoring vehicle operation. It says you can dyno tune cars with this, but I have yet to find this ability in the app or in their wiki documentation. Full Review

  • Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car)
    Sergio Bestulic Published date: July 30, 2017

    With a cheap OBE2 Bluetooth adapter and Torque Pro I've researched codes, cleared them for family and friends. Setup dials to monitor vehicle operations I don't have gauges for it's great, easy to use. Full Review

  • Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car)
    Jeffrey T Published date: July 2, 2017

    Excellent app but could use some UI/UX improvements. It currently isn't very intuitive and could use some updated design work to match modern material design standards. Full Review

  • Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car)
    Mike R Published date: June 14, 2017

    Cracking app, just wish you could do more customising, such as colours and backgrounds. Everything on it works perfectly on my RX-8. Full Review

  • Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car)
    Emiliano Real Published date: July 23, 2017

    Great, this app and a cheap $5 elm327 was all I need to remove a stupid and misslesding check engine light from my 2015 Corolla. Don't even need the paid version. Just bought it to support the developer. Full Review

  • Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car)
    Lewy dee ayy Published date: June 25, 2017

    I had the lite version and it will only read temp in Celsius. I bought the pro version and still same issue. I go to the settings and try and change it and it does nothing. Waste of money. Full Review

  • Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car)
    James Balmer Published date: June 10, 2017

    Your last update broke your compatibility with the Kiwi 3 adapter. I will restore a better rating when this is fixed. Full Review

  • Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car)
    seth hartley Published date: May 29, 2017

    Great app. I bought a cheap OBDII Bluetooth module on Amazon to go with it, so for less than $30 I have an awesome tool! Full Review

  • Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car)
    Mark Reid Published date: July 29, 2017

    Awesome still. Only issue on Google pixel is realtime information button doesn't work in landscape view (split screen a bit buggy too). Otherwise everything just works 😀 Full Review