See what’s happening in the world right now.

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  • Current Version: Varies with device
  • Updated: June 19, 2017
  • Requires Android: Varies with device
  • Installs: 500,000,000 - 1,000,000,000



Twitter is what’s happening in the world and what people are talking about right now. On Twitter, live comes to life as conversations unfold, showing you all sides of the story. From breaking news and entertainment to sports, politics, and everyday interests, when things happen in the world, they happen first on Twitter.

Watch premium and exclusive live streams directly from your mobile device. No account required.
Check your timeline to keep up to date on trending topics and the latest Tweets.
Go Live with a tap or sit back and watch events unfold from around the world.

More highlights:

Discover what your favorite sports, news, politics, and entertainment thought leaders are talking about
Experience dynamic media — like photos, videos, and GIFs
Retweet, share, like, or reply to Tweets in your timeline
Write a Tweet to let the world know what’s happening with you

See what topics and hashtags are trending now
Discover Moments, curated stories showcasing the very best of today’s biggest events
Get caught up on news headlines and videos
Relive the latest sports highlights
Be in the know about pop culture and entertainment
See what fun stories are going viral

Find out who started following you
Discover which of your Tweets were liked or Retweeted
Respond to replies or be alerted to Tweets you were mentioned in

Chat privately with friends and followers
Share Tweets and other media
Create a group conversation with anyone who follows you

Customize your profile with a photo, description, location, and background photo
Look back at your Tweets, Retweets, replies, media, and likes

Get suggestions on influential people to follow
Sync your contacts to find friends currently on Twitter or invite more


9,787,985 total
5 6,133,613 
4 1,793,102 
3 769,618 
2 336,988 
1 754,664 

  • Twitter
    Lori Crouch Published date: June 20, 2017

    I love the app except for two things : 1) Needs an editing function allowing you to edit already-posted Tweets, and 2) needs a scheduling function so that your Tweets will post at a predetermined time. Other than that, the app is great. Easy to tweet. Easy to upload photos and graphics. What else could a girl want? 😊 Full Review

  • Twitter
    Published date: June 20, 2017

    I love twitter. The new design is so so. I don't really understand. And where is font size go? Now I can't resize the font. If you want to make an update, please make it good. Don't get rid all the option and all that. Full Review

  • Twitter
    Rubêm Dos Santos MENDOZA ANYOSA Published date: June 21, 2017

    Well. First, every previous direct messages are GONE!! I participate in some DM groups and there's no access to them. I receive many times the message "leave or accept", for every DM group and DM personal, always asking me with those options, too much annoying. Second, I received "cannot retrieve messages at this time, please try again later" popup message in the app, repeatedly. Third, I cannot search any account for new messages, even if I follow them and back. On PC, I have no problem if I access Twitter website with all my DMs. Please ROLLBACK this update, privacy policy, and restore this feature. I tried uninstalling this app and reinstalled with no success. Full Review

  • Twitter
    sooby641 Published date: June 20, 2017

    Really hate this update, why, why, why have you got rid of the option to change font size yet again? It's junk. Do not like the colour scheme either or the way pictures are displayed, what on earth made someone think rounded corners were the way forward, like we actually care! Rubbish, please fix it ASAP Full Review

  • Twitter
    Published date: June 21, 2017

    Somehow I cannot enable push notifications since May 2017 (the app's stuck on its “Enabling...” message, and then pops up a floating “There was a problem updating notification settings” report which quickly disappears) and thus I cannot receive them. Any of them. (Even in the latest version of the app, 7.1.0.) Everything's fine except this problem. Older googleable receipts against this problem (such as rewoking access from the Twitter's web interface) do not seem to help anything. And I cannot try a uninstall (for a clean re-install) because HTC One M9 considers Twitter to be its system (non-uninstallable) application. Full Review

  • Twitter
    B L DUNCAN Published date: June 19, 2017

    I luv Twitter. News feeds are getting better, app is always updated. Thanks for the darker theme. Would luv for app to refresh upon opening, please make it happen & thanks for the lastest update. Keep updating & improving & thanks for all your hard work. Full Review

  • Twitter
    kyuliet Published date: June 20, 2017

    While the new minimalistic look is okay, the space and font size distribution are disturbingly unbalanced. Please let us choose to change font size. And I still cant edit photos in app nor change profile photo and header without the app crashing it's been forever please fix what actually need to be fixed instead of adding problems. Full Review

  • Twitter
    Ben122500 Published date: June 20, 2017

    Im honestly starting to belivebthat a majority of the devs are disabled. They constantly release update that make extra steps to get to features. Just an absolute terrible set up with default setring making it so you dont see everything on your feed. Another thing unnecessary is it needing to be on the phone memory! It doesnt make any sense! What kind of person decides it needs to be?! Full Review

  • Twitter
    16-bit Panda Published date: June 20, 2017

    10/16/16: Very addictive and interesting Edit 6/20/17: I lowered the rating due to these dumb additions. Here's why: no edit button after a ton of requests, replies with curses will get hidden, this stupid new design sucks, and it favors left wing opinions over right wing opinions and will sometimes ban right wing accounts for no reason. Full Review

  • Twitter
    jaycraft21 Published date: June 20, 2017

    Every time it updates it resets all privacy and preference settings. It does not update well if installed to an SD card in device and will frequently return an error of insufficient memory on device to update regardless of whether its installed on the device or an SD card. Honestly, much easier to just login via website. Full Review

  • Twitter
    David Baptista da Silva Published date: June 19, 2017

    A redesign and STILL you didn't learn that the night is black, not blueish grey. Replace the night mode colour with pure black and not only it looks better, it's far far more friendly to those of us with AMOLED screens in our devices. Just use the same colour scheme you do on Windows, is that so hard? Apparently it is... Full Review

  • Twitter
    Fadilla Sherlyna Published date: June 20, 2017

    Why do you make things even more complicated for us? Don't make our mentions can't be seen by the person that we are talking to. Also, I hate it when I followed someone that person didn't get the notification when I followed them but when another person followed them, there is a notification. Kindly fix it. Full Review

  • Twitter
    Mark R. Jones Published date: June 20, 2017

    What's this different coloured border for the pics that chooses the most common colour in the photo displayed? It looks horrible. Option to turn it off and just have a black border please Full Review

  • Twitter
    Zorana M Published date: June 21, 2017

    The new update is horrible! Square icons and the option to change font size should make a comeback, also the background of the photo posts changing colour is such an unnecessary thing, it actually makes it hard to look at photos in different lighting because of lack of contrast between the photo and background... Full Review

  • Twitter
    C Gehr Published date: June 19, 2017

    Search is terrible. If I put in a name for my "current location" DO NO LIST RESTAURANTS that are THOUSANDS OF MILES AWAY. I am in SW OH. DON'T LIST PLACES IN CA, AZ, WI, IL,... Full Review

  • Twitter
    Mister Forty Published date: June 20, 2017

    06-20-2017: Something's really wrong. I'm getting tweets from 9-15 hours ago, along with current ones! 06-17-2017: 1-liked the square avatar vs the round one. 2-can no longer expand the text entry field to view my entire entry. Full Review

  • Twitter
    Dave Piehl Published date: June 20, 2017

    The Twitter had improved immensely. I've stopped using Plume on my phone. If it had the option to merge multiple accounts into a single feed like Plume, I'd give it 5 stars. Full Review

  • Twitter
    Byron Ballantine Published date: June 20, 2017

    Awesomeness​ I love Twitter!!! Y`all should follow me And check out my music.Just send me a message and I'll send you a link to my music I'm hooking up all my fans in a major way.become a fan and enjoy true raw hip-hop Full Review

  • Twitter
    Endah Wahyu Prastika Published date: June 20, 2017

    All of the images don't show up in my android phone. It only shows bold color and when I click the image it disconnected everytime. I reinstall and update it but still the same. Other apps work well except Twitter. Please help, I love using Twitter. Full Review

  • Twitter
    A Google User Published date: June 20, 2017

    With latest update I can't change the font size and the default is too small for me. Please add this option again. An edit button would be good, so I don't have to delete and retype the whole tweet when I spot an error after posting. Full Review

  • Twitter
    jeremy arroyo Published date: June 20, 2017

    Cant access all of my pics from mobile anymore which means i cant retweet older tweets. Cant access anything past a certain amount of tweets. Bring back the old format please. Everything was working fine before the recent update. Full Review

  • Twitter
    Matt Eldridge Published date: June 21, 2017

    Great if u need to know what's happening with ur friends and everything else around the world. A lot of times u find stuff out quicker than the newz Full Review

  • Twitter
    IxBLEEDxKIEF Published date: June 20, 2017

    Twitter is for losers and idiots. Just like face"crook".(Facebook if your to stupid to realize which I bet you are). Have fun while your information is sold to the highest bidding third party!! Full Review

  • Twitter
    Paula Marie Macleod Published date: June 21, 2017

    Lil pissy atm, I'm tryin to log in but I forgot my pass, I got it to send it to my email,ni clicked the link and it takes me back to the log in page.. I CAN'T LOG IN!! I DON'T REMEMBER THE PASS!! so why do I keep getting sent there?? Full Review

  • Twitter
    Keenan W. Published date: June 19, 2017

    The videos don't play right they need to be fixed. Certain videos work but the rest don't work and they needs to be fix. And I can't see my notifications. Please fix it. The pictures come up blank nothing but black. Plus I received my notifications late like an half an hour. I also can't see the pictures too. Full Review

  • Twitter
    Rafa Aditya Ramadhan Published date: June 21, 2017

    I recently updated the app and it appears to be unable to load any photo on my feed. It says I just set not to show sensitive photos, besides I didn't make any change to my content preference setting. Full Review

  • Twitter
    Robert Rey Yang Published date: June 20, 2017

    Twitter is unofficial but became official statement of each individual whether your politician or showbiz personality. As we have to be responsible and careful what we are trying to express in social media. Twitter can be use in a good way of information and activities. Full Review

  • Twitter
    Graham Starfelt Published date: June 20, 2017

    The official Twitter app tries way, way too hard to curate what you see. I literally just want to open the app and scroll through what the people I'm following are saying right now. Full Review

  • Twitter
    Published date: June 21, 2017

    Found people i didnt know existed i found people who are just like me its great.... really does need an editing button tho really gets annoying when u cant edit Full Review

  • Twitter
    Pam Flora Published date: June 21, 2017

    The blurred background is hurting my eyes and giving me headache when I'm viewing the pics in full size. Please make an option to get rid of it. Full Review

  • Twitter
    Brian Rasor Published date: June 20, 2017

    Since the most recent update the app has become a battery hog. Not Receiving notifications from my tweets in a timely manner I see them in my time line and then I get the notification like 5 minutes later. Full Review

  • Twitter
    selina r Published date: June 20, 2017

    I'm so close to deactivating my account because twitter randomly opens ads when I'm scrolling on my timeline. It's annoying and this has never happened before until the stupid update. fix it. Full Review

  • Twitter
    Rachel Simpson-Large Published date: June 20, 2017

    The new font size is way too small. It needs to at least match the device settings if you're not going to give an option to change the font size Full Review

  • Twitter
    Pamala Lawson Published date: June 20, 2017

    Notification button doesnt work. When clicked on twitter not responding error comes. Nimerous reports sent. Never fixed. Maddening!! Full Review

  • Twitter
    Someone Else Published date: June 21, 2017

    It's my one year anniversary on Twitter so it said to post a tweet saying that it was my anniversary but every time I try to post it 1 spit second later it says failed to post tweet and I've tied updating the app but it still doesn't work and I'm pretty sure my WiFi is working. Is there any way to fix this?? Full Review

  • Twitter
    Marvelous Light Published date: June 19, 2017

    Although I am an app hater. However as the modern time are evil. So the necessity of apps has been necessiated by companies which I don't like. However given the scenario, twitter app is doing its job ok. Full Review

  • Twitter
    Anthony D Published date: June 20, 2017

    Simple privacy controls, more fun than Facebook and just something always new and refreshing especially to kill some time on my ZTE ZMax Pro Full Review

  • Twitter
    Jellybelly Bean Published date: June 20, 2017

    Can no longer read tweets because new update eliminated the font size adjustment & all text is too small on my phone! They obviously don't care about people that are visually impaired! Shame on you Twitter!! Full Review

  • Twitter
    A Google User Published date: June 21, 2017

    Twitter was great when it was simple but it's gotten really noisy. The app just makes it more confusing with "ICYMI" style highlights that jack your timeline around. Full Review

  • Twitter
    Published date: June 19, 2017

    i updated twitter with hopes that it was gonna be a whole new world. everything would be fresh and working smoothly. but, i was YET AGAIN, W R O N G. it disappoints me completely. Full Review